Number one game of all time.

Welcome back to the greatest Zelda  blog  on the planet. Today we want to talk to you about the greatest Zelda game ever made.  The title of the game that we are talking about is Ocarina of time 3D.

Probably the best part about this  Game is that it is three dimensional. It is a game that is for the 3DS which is by far one of the best Nintendo gaming systems of all time in itself. We think that the skiing so amazing because it has so much of a better story than any of the other games. Plus, link gets a lot more attacks. There are also so many more weapons he is able to use and power ups.


Link gets a lot more attacks. There are also so many more weapons he is able to use and power ups.


The combat in this game is unmatched to any other because of the responsiveness and the characters. We also like many of the other enemies that are in it because there is a lot more detail to them in this game.

The game starts of by you walking around in the same world that you’re always in during the Zelda games and you get to choose any quest you want.   Perhaps the best part about this version of the legend of Zelda is that the way you get to use the bone arrow. You actually get a first person view this time, which you never got in any of the other Zelda games. You can do regular combat in the first person mode As well. We feel like this game opened up a whole new round for the way that the combat situations are going to be. This game came out into thousand 11, and every game that is come out since has had the first person  combat mode in it.  We feel like this one really set the pace for all the new game set of come out sense. They really use this one as a steppingstone for the whole future of the legend of Zelda.

We recommend that you go and try this game out as soon as possible so that you can get the true feel of the legend of Zelda. Delso have this game for Wii, so if you are a more hands-on person who likes to be wireless and move around, then this game is perfect for you too.

Go ahead and check out this YouTube video that we have of some of the gameplay, and enjoy.