A Brief History of The Rise and Fall of The Arcade

In the event you have never been indoors a “genuine” arcade, then it might be difficult to tell apart one from state, oh, a Dave & Buster’s. Authenticity can be actually a difficult nut to crack, however you’ll find certainly a couple hallmarks of this video game series of yesteryear: original, they’ve video matches. Lots and tons of game titles, also (commonly) pin ball devices. They truly are dim (to ensure which you may observe the displays better), plus so they usually do not market food or booze. You are able to create an exclusion to some lonely vending machine, so convinced, however full food?

One of our readers who happens to be the owner of RenoPlumber.net submitted to us an old article that brought back SO many memories. And that’s what encouraged us to write this article, because Zelda was such a big part of arcades.

There is absolutely no sign out that says you “needs to be 21 to input.” All these are infrequently family-friendly associations, either. Your mother would not desire to be there, and no body might desire her there, any way. This really is an area for children to be together with different children, adolescents to become together with different adolescents, and early-stage grown ups to function while the ambassador bad-asses in-house for its younger creation. It truly is dumb, and including all of the kiddies crying as well as the online video matches in long-term demonstration manner, beckoning one to squander a additional quarter. In previous times (nevertheless well in the ’90s), it truly is some times smoky indoors, and also the cabinets endure the consequences of many a overlooked cig still left dangling off the border while the owner attempts one final time to get a superior score, even necessarily finish inside their passing.

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Zelda gaming tournaments

Zelda is a game that holds many tournaments worldwide all your long. It is actually the most popular game for any competitions around. There are many other games like call of duty and Halo that seem to hold many world championships, but there is no other game like Zelda. There are literally hundreds of competitions in tournaments every year that take place all over the planet. Some of the best players from all over the world come  together to test their skills against each other. Zelda is a  series that has so many different titles that there are endless competitions to have.

Below we are going to explain to you the different types of competitions that exist at zelda conventions and things like that.

  1.  Time run-this is the type of competition where people get together and choose one of the titles of Zelda and race against each other to see who can beat the game the fastest. Being that there are so many different titles of Zelda, there are literally about 20 different tournament being held at one time in a convention center. It gets absolutely hectic as there are usually 100 contestants playing on each game.  People will literally spend their whole year playing one game over and over again to learn it like the back of their hand so that they can beat it the fastest at this event. We swear that some of these people could beat these games with her eyes closed because they know them so well. They need to be able to move through them as fast as possible without any hiccups, so they have to know it better than anybody else. That’s honestly what it comes down to in this type of tournament. And the person who practices the most on that storyline is usually the person that comes out on top.
  2.  Fight to the death-on the newer Zelda games, they have  multiplayer combat mode that is much like call of duty and Halo. It is like a free-for-all between a bunch of different players on an online platform. Is very awesome because it brings that feel to dissolve the world which we have never seen in the past. This is a new type of competition that is been coming up at the tournaments and people are loving it. You can use all of your different weapons and it put you on an  Open map for people to have a frenzy.  Our buddy Tom who is a roofing contractor is extremely good at this style of Zelda game play and has won many world championships.

That is the end of our post and please check back soon for more that we will be posting soon.

The different weapons in the Zelda series

Princess Zelda

Today’s subject of conversation is going to be about the different weapons that you can use in the video games of Zelda. There are quite a few different weapons and tools that you can use in these games and we will be going over all of them in depth. So sit back and read the details of each one.

crossbow–  A lot of the older Zelda games you only get the bow and arrow, but in the newer games you get the crossbow as well. They decided to add this after many fans of the series requested that it be any game. With a crossbow it is a faster reload and a stronger shot because you can hold multiple bolts in there at one time. That gives you the ability to do multi shots as well. So you could do a three  round burst or something like that. It kind of brings like a semi automatic weapon into this type of game. It almost gives you to feel that you are playing call of duty or something like that. This is great for hunting in the game because it is a little bit more accurate than a bone arrow because you can auto lock on with one as well.

Bow and arrow-this is a more traditional zelda weapon as it was the first one you could ever use. The first game ever actually only had a bow and arrow, and then the sword and shield ended up getting added into the second game. It’s weird that they made it that way because The sword and shield is always the weapon of choice that is on the cover of the video games. We like the bow and arrow because it gives you ability to attack enemies from a very long range which can keep you safe from harm. Of  ability to attack enemies from a very long range which can keep you safe from harm. Of course the sword and shield gives a more powerful attack, but you were not as safe. You can shoot from a few hundred yards away which is going to keep you away from any hot conflict course the sword and shield gives a more powerful attack, but you were not as safe. You can shoot from a few hundred yards away  which allows you to pick off enemies and kill them if they are stronger than you. Using the bone arrow gives you a good  Way to attack with strategy instead of brute force.

Sword and shield-this is the most iconic weapon combination that has ever been brought to Zelda because it is what you always see him with. This is the most fun weapon of choice to use because you get up right in close combat which makes it the most dangerous. It is also the most powerful weapon you can use as one’s good sword/can kill an enemy versus  two or three arrows. And you also have that shield there to block other opponents hits which can keep you safe as well.

Overall, all of these weapons are great,  so you will have a fine time using all of them. No number one weapon combination we would recommend though is the crossbow because it is the most accurate and one of the most powerful of the three.

Go ahead and check out http://zeldauniverse.net/ to get all of the latest Zelda news.

Cosplay and Zelda


There are a lot of comic cons and conventions these days that you can do cause play yet. Cosplay is something that is growing a lot these days and is getting more popular by the year. It is something that a lot of people love to do  end it is pretty cool. One of the most popular costumes for people to dress up and is Zelda. Zelda seems to be growing as well. They even have some conventions that are dedicated to Zelda cosplay. This is because there are quite a few different characters you can dress up as from the sale of the story. You don’t have to just  dress up as link. You can go as any of the other characters if you want. We would recommend that you check out a Zelda convention that is just for cosplay of that video game.

The coolest thing about cosplay is that there’s so many different types of characters from different video games and what not at these cosplay conventions. You will meet people from all over the world that are into different things other than sell that as well. Here are some of the perks and good things from going to a comicon.

Meet awesome people-some of the greatest people we have met in our lives came from, cons that we went to around the world. We were able to meet people that have all types of different interests in animes and video games. The coolest people ever met were from the Zelda conventions though. We have enough some people that found the one  they married from a comic con.  It is definitely event that is really awesome to meet some of the greatest people you’ve ever met in your life.

Incredibly fun-there is nothing better than dressing up in a costume and pretending like you’re something else other than yourself. It is like being on a constant Halloween event when it’s not Halloween. Usually in society the only appropriate time to dress up in a costume and role-play is if you are trick-or-treating. The downfall of that is that usually they are only scary costumes that are very basic. When you  are at a comic con you can really let your creative mind out as well  I coming up with some of the most amazing costumes.

That is what we have to share with you guys today about comic con and Zelda conventions. We recommend that you get out there and start going to some see you can meet some awesome people as well.

The Zelda convention

Zelda convention

Hey everybody, it has been a while since we have posted on our blog but today we would like to talk to you about the sale of the convention that has been going on for the past 10 years now. Our good friend is the promoter of it and it is over in Seattle Washington.  His name is Tom and he also owns a Pool building company  is very successful with Zelda conventions though.

The Zelda convention that is in Seattle Washington is absolutely amazing. There are so many awesome activities to do because it is sort of like a cosplay event. You get to dress up as your favorite character and walk around and talk to people. People are very friendly there and they really love to see people just up as their favorite Zelda characters.

If you do not know what a cosplay event is, it is when you dress up like your favorite anime characters from Japan and you have a convention. This is basically the same thing but it is about this video game in particular.  We love this event because so many people from all over the world come too late to see all of the different activities that the event has to hold. There is a competition for the best dressed and most realistic Zelda character. Last year our friend James one because he looked like the most realistic link.  It’s because he spent hours working on his outfit.

The types of things you can expect to see at a Zelda convention is all the videogames stations. It is kind of like an  E3 for just Zelda video games. At the last conviction that we went to they literally had every game that was ever made addict. We had so much fun playing all the difference of the games with all of the cool people from around the world. It was much more enjoyable to play these games when we had to play them with.

That was the convention that we went to and it was absolutely amazing. If you are looking for the best cell.convention there it is, then you should definitely check out the one that is in Seattle Washington every August.

The awesome Zelda based arcade

I am back for everybody one more time and I am going to be sharing with you today information about the best Zelda based arcade I have been to.

This post is based out of Fresno California where the Zelda arcade is. The one time I was traveling through Fresno California looking for  A retro arcade to play some video games. I was driving down commercial Street, and I found an arcade that was based solely off of Zelda games. When I saw that I halted and took an immediate right into the parking lot. When I got inside, it was like I was in heaven. This was the most amazing arcade I had ever seen in my life.  If you’re not aware, I am a connoisseur of Zelda games and I have been playing them since the first one ever came out in 1985. They literally had every game from 1985 up until 2016. I thought that this was absolutely incredible because I had never seen anything like it.

It turns out that the owner of this arcade was a man who is a Zelda game connoisseur as well. He thought that he might as will take all of the games and open a shop where lovers of the series can play them. His idea was brilliant because many people from all over the state of California  come to his arcade all year around to play these amazing games.  I was extremely impressed so I had to have a word with him. We connected so well because we were both absolute lovers of the Zelda game series. We both agree that is the number one game series ever created. Him And I are still friends to this day  and we frequently get together and reminisce on the old times of Zelda throughout the years. He has actually given me access to his arcade to bring all my friends for the night many times in a row. I am very grateful that he is done this for me and  so I would really love to support him in other ways as well. On top of having an amazing arcade, Jim has another business as well. You should go check out his Solar Fresno website because on top of having great Zelda games, he will also take care of you and your solar panel needs.

I’m glad you guys were able to visit this blog for the post I had to share with you today. If you are ever in Fresno California and you want to go see an awesome’s old arcade, then you should definitely go check out Jimmy’s place over off commercial Street.

Why you should play Zelda

Zelda gameplay

Zelda is a game that we highly recommend simply for the fact that that is what our blog is about. It’s not just for that reason though that we recommend you play the game Zelda.  There are many reasons why you should play this game because it is just so darn awesome. We will go with you in detail about some specific reasons below though.

The gameplay-the gameplaying this series of games is unlike anything else in the sense that no other game out there gives you a totally free roam world to travel.  Zelda literally let you do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. You have the right to just go exploring and you don’t get to do that with many games. A lot of other games that are like Zelda only give you certain levels in missions to do. When you have an open map you can create your own way.  There are other aspects to the game plan as well such as the movements of the characters. The movement of link is very fluid and he is easy to control. The game series of Zelda was made to be when controlling the characters so that anybody can play it. The last thing about this is the graphics. Out of any other game on the Nintendo console, there is no other game like Zelda that has graphics as good.


Storyline-the storyline in Zelda is rattled by no other game series. There is no other series in history that has been going on for as long as the Zelda franchise. Every game from the beginning has connected self to the new story. That means it is been an ongoing story line for the past 30+ years which is  completely unheard of. Throughout the game, the storyline also goes way in depth with things. Each level you do and play has precise detail on what exactly you have to complete and  has much detail in the dialogue of the characters. Each characters role is distinct and they do a very good job of giving everybody their purpose in the game.

Overall this game was created by its developers to be in open world RPG where you could be in a fantasy life and really escape reality. We think that the dream that the developers had was overachieved. They really did an awesome job with this game.

Number one game of all time.

Welcome back to the greatest Zelda  blog  on the planet. Today we want to talk to you about the greatest Zelda game ever made.  The title of the game that we are talking about is Ocarina of time 3D.

Probably the best part about this  Game is that it is three dimensional. It is a game that is for the 3DS which is by far one of the best Nintendo gaming systems of all time in itself. We think that the skiing so amazing because it has so much of a better story than any of the other games. Plus, link gets a lot more attacks. There are also so many more weapons he is able to use and power ups.


Link gets a lot more attacks. There are also so many more weapons he is able to use and power ups.


The combat in this game is unmatched to any other because of the responsiveness and the characters. We also like many of the other enemies that are in it because there is a lot more detail to them in this game.

The game starts of by you walking around in the same world that you’re always in during the Zelda games and you get to choose any quest you want.   Perhaps the best part about this version of the legend of Zelda is that the way you get to use the bone arrow. You actually get a first person view this time, which you never got in any of the other Zelda games. You can do regular combat in the first person mode As well. We feel like this game opened up a whole new round for the way that the combat situations are going to be. This game came out into thousand 11, and every game that is come out since has had the first person  combat mode in it.  We feel like this one really set the pace for all the new game set of come out sense. They really use this one as a steppingstone for the whole future of the legend of Zelda.

We recommend that you go and try this game out as soon as possible so that you can get the true feel of the legend of Zelda. Delso have this game for Wii, so if you are a more hands-on person who likes to be wireless and move around, then this game is perfect for you too.

Go ahead and check out this YouTube video that we have of some of the gameplay, and enjoy.

legend of Zelda blog

This is a tribute blog to the game Zelda. We will be sharing posts with you guys that are all about the game Zelda and the hyrulian people. They are a race of people that worship a very strange  goddess. We love the game Zelda and all the awesome stories that has to bring. Zelda has been a franchise that is been going on for many years ever since the 1980s. It is something that is been very popular throughout the years and a lot of new gamers have picked up on it. Here  as we sit in 2016 they are still making Zelda games. This is a franchise that will never die because the storyline is so in debt and when you play the game you just get Lost in it. My name is Jon and I have created this blog after being a legend of Zelda player for the last 32 years. When I was a kid I got the first game that ever came out.

Here is a trailer video of the new Zelda game that is coming out this year for the Wii u. Sit back and enjoy.


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