Cosplay and Zelda


There are a lot of comic cons and conventions these days that you can do cause play yet. Cosplay is something that is growing a lot these days and is getting more popular by the year. It is something that a lot of people love to do  end it is pretty cool. One of the most popular costumes for people to dress up and is Zelda. Zelda seems to be growing as well. They even have some conventions that are dedicated to Zelda cosplay. This is because there are quite a few different characters you can dress up as from the sale of the story. You don’t have to just  dress up as link. You can go as any of the other characters if you want. We would recommend that you check out a Zelda convention that is just for cosplay of that video game.

The coolest thing about cosplay is that there’s so many different types of characters from different video games and what not at these cosplay conventions. You will meet people from all over the world that are into different things other than sell that as well. Here are some of the perks and good things from going to a comicon.

Meet awesome people-some of the greatest people we have met in our lives came from, cons that we went to around the world. We were able to meet people that have all types of different interests in animes and video games. The coolest people ever met were from the Zelda conventions though. We have enough some people that found the one  they married from a comic con.  It is definitely event that is really awesome to meet some of the greatest people you’ve ever met in your life.

Incredibly fun-there is nothing better than dressing up in a costume and pretending like you’re something else other than yourself. It is like being on a constant Halloween event when it’s not Halloween. Usually in society the only appropriate time to dress up in a costume and role-play is if you are trick-or-treating. The downfall of that is that usually they are only scary costumes that are very basic. When you  are at a comic con you can really let your creative mind out as well  I coming up with some of the most amazing costumes.

That is what we have to share with you guys today about comic con and Zelda conventions. We recommend that you get out there and start going to some see you can meet some awesome people as well.