The awesome Zelda based arcade

I am back for everybody one more time and I am going to be sharing with you today information about the best Zelda based arcade I have been to.

This post is based out of Fresno California where the Zelda arcade is. The one time I was traveling through Fresno California looking for  A retro arcade to play some video games. I was driving down commercial Street, and I found an arcade that was based solely off of Zelda games. When I saw that I halted and took an immediate right into the parking lot. When I got inside, it was like I was in heaven. This was the most amazing arcade I had ever seen in my life.  If you’re not aware, I am a connoisseur of Zelda games and I have been playing them since the first one ever came out in 1985. They literally had every game from 1985 up until 2016. I thought that this was absolutely incredible because I had never seen anything like it.

It turns out that the owner of this arcade was a man who is a Zelda game connoisseur as well. He thought that he might as will take all of the games and open a shop where lovers of the series can play them. His idea was brilliant because many people from all over the state of California  come to his arcade all year around to play these amazing games.  I was extremely impressed so I had to have a word with him. We connected so well because we were both absolute lovers of the Zelda game series. We both agree that is the number one game series ever created. Him And I are still friends to this day  and we frequently get together and reminisce on the old times of Zelda throughout the years. He has actually given me access to his arcade to bring all my friends for the night many times in a row. I am very grateful that he is done this for me and  so I would really love to support him in other ways as well. On top of having an amazing arcade, Jim has another business as well. You should go check out his Solar Fresno website because on top of having great Zelda games, he will also take care of you and your solar panel needs.

I’m glad you guys were able to visit this blog for the post I had to share with you today. If you are ever in Fresno California and you want to go see an awesome’s old arcade, then you should definitely go check out Jimmy’s place over off commercial Street.