Why you should play Zelda

Zelda gameplay

Zelda is a game that we highly recommend simply for the fact that that is what our blog is about. It’s not just for that reason though that we recommend you play the game Zelda.  There are many reasons why you should play this game because it is just so darn awesome. We will go with you in detail about some specific reasons below though.

The gameplay-the gameplaying this series of games is unlike anything else in the sense that no other game out there gives you a totally free roam world to travel.  Zelda literally let you do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. You have the right to just go exploring and you don’t get to do that with many games. A lot of other games that are like Zelda only give you certain levels in missions to do. When you have an open map you can create your own way.  There are other aspects to the game plan as well such as the movements of the characters. The movement of link is very fluid and he is easy to control. The game series of Zelda was made to be when controlling the characters so that anybody can play it. The last thing about this is the graphics. Out of any other game on the Nintendo console, there is no other game like Zelda that has graphics as good.


Storyline-the storyline in Zelda is rattled by no other game series. There is no other series in history that has been going on for as long as the Zelda franchise. Every game from the beginning has connected self to the new story. That means it is been an ongoing story line for the past 30+ years which is  completely unheard of. Throughout the game, the storyline also goes way in depth with things. Each level you do and play has precise detail on what exactly you have to complete and  has much detail in the dialogue of the characters. Each characters role is distinct and they do a very good job of giving everybody their purpose in the game.

Overall this game was created by its developers to be in open world RPG where you could be in a fantasy life and really escape reality. We think that the dream that the developers had was overachieved. They really did an awesome job with this game.