Zelda gaming tournaments

Zelda is a game that holds many tournaments worldwide all your long. It is actually the most popular game for any competitions around. There are many other games like call of duty and Halo that seem to hold many world championships, but there is no other game like Zelda. There are literally hundreds of competitions in tournaments every year that take place all over the planet. Some of the best players from all over the world come  together to test their skills against each other. Zelda is a  series that has so many different titles that there are endless competitions to have.

Below we are going to explain to you the different types of competitions that exist at zelda conventions and things like that.

  1.  Time run-this is the type of competition where people get together and choose one of the titles of Zelda and race against each other to see who can beat the game the fastest. Being that there are so many different titles of Zelda, there are literally about 20 different tournament being held at one time in a convention center. It gets absolutely hectic as there are usually 100 contestants playing on each game.  People will literally spend their whole year playing one game over and over again to learn it like the back of their hand so that they can beat it the fastest at this event. We swear that some of these people could beat these games with her eyes closed because they know them so well. They need to be able to move through them as fast as possible without any hiccups, so they have to know it better than anybody else. That’s honestly what it comes down to in this type of tournament. And the person who practices the most on that storyline is usually the person that comes out on top.
  2.  Fight to the death-on the newer Zelda games, they have  multiplayer combat mode that is much like call of duty and Halo. It is like a free-for-all between a bunch of different players on an online platform. Is very awesome because it brings that feel to dissolve the world which we have never seen in the past. This is a new type of competition that is been coming up at the tournaments and people are loving it. You can use all of your different weapons and it put you on an  Open map for people to have a frenzy.  Our buddy Tom who is a roofing contractor is extremely good at this style of Zelda game play and has won many world championships.

That is the end of our post and please check back soon for more that we will be posting soon.